12TICKS – You’ve Got 12 Seconds

Welcome to the new world of “social commenting”. 12TICKS is an easy-to-use LIVE VIDEO COMMENTING ENGINE that allows you the power to contribute to the important conversations of our time in real-time using your smart phone. Some mind-bending events have happened in the last 50 years, and this last year has been one for the record books! These are serious times that we are faced with. Which implies the question: What can I do?

Download the app. Registration is super simple. Then find a “ticker” (easy to do) and hit the “jump in the discussion” button. Now…inject your point of view!

What to LEAD a power roundtable? Create your own “TICKER” that mobilizes people! Get your family, friends, and like-minded thinkers in one place to determine the best course of action for our world. We’ve found that discussions can lead to action and action potentially creates the change we want to see in our everyday lives.

When you watch a polarizing news story that gets your blood boiling, the only thing you can do is head over to your computer, find the blog article, navigate to the comments, login to the site, then type your feelings into an endless stream of negativity.

After you’ve gone through this temporary hell, could anyone gage your sentiment? Were you serious or just kidding? Were you sincere or sarcastic? Were you being playful or passive aggressive?

There’s no way to pick up the emotion you meant to convey…UNTIL NOW.

12TICKS gives you the power to use the camera on your smart phone to become an important voice in the conversation that is happening right now! The public can pick up your tone, your stance, your emotional feeling in real time WITHOUT INTERRUPTION among a group of people engaged in the event.

You see, all the other individuals are muted while you give your “take” on this powerful topic. They have to wait! No talking over you. No interruptions from the peanut gallery. No interjections in an attempt to sway your opinion. This is your time…USE IT!

Doesn’t that sound better than running over to a “popular video site” to make content for random strangers who could care less about the issue? Isn’t that better than pulling up your social feed to blast 160 silent characters that miss your aggressive but caring tone? Isn’t it better than going out on a street corner and trying to get strangers to stop?! I say “yes” to all these questions, and my guess is that you do too. Here’s what to do next…

1. Download the app.

2. Register

3. Find a “ticker” (easy to do)

4. Hit the “Jump in the Discussion” button.

5. Go hard!

Time Level Increase (Upgrades)

1. Floater – Free Account – You can participate in any ticker for 12 seconds.

2. Light Speed – $3/month – You can participate in any ticker for 24 seconds.

3. Quantum Leap – $5/month – You can participate in any ticker for 48 seconds.

Ticker Creation (Run Your Own Discussion)

1. Floater – Free Account – You can create as many free tickers as you want. As the creator of a ticker, you will now appear on the “stage” (in the middle), and you have 24 seconds to speak before the selector moves to the next tickster (a user on our platform).

2. Controller – $5/month – Each ticker you create is $5/month, yet allows you the status of “Controller”. You can now talk as long as you like before letting others speak on the issue. You can also stop the discussion at any time to bring the selector back to you.

See you on the inside…12 seconds at a time!